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CPD Yoga Days

Continuing Professional Development

Real Yoga follows the guidelines for CPD set by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council this recommends a range of activities that are recognised as professional development.

Bullet Attendance at seminars, workshops and lectures which enhance your knowledge and skills
Bullet Attendance at conferences or meetings which are dedicated to clinical practice or learning more about the discipline(s) you practice.
Bullet Peer supervision where you meet with other practitioners from your discipline(s) and learn from each other about best practice.
Bullet Providing taught sessions where these are occasional and represent a developmental activity for you rather than something you do on a regular basis as a tutor.
Bullet reading or writing articles or books which are published
Bullet taking part in research
Bullet receiving supervision or mentoring which enhances learning and development
Bullet work shadowing – almost any practise-related activity
Bullet first aid
Bullet marketing training.
Bullet Personal study which could include following a formal programme of study either taught or possibly distance-learning. In either case you must be able to describe what you have learned from this and how you will put it into practice in your work.
Bullet Reading such as articles in journals, books or online which provide learning you are able to put into practice in your work as a practitioner.
Bullet Research. If you are participating in a piece of research which is enhancing your understanding of your discipline and / or practice

Reflective Practice

Reflective practice is the term used to describe how you observe and record what you are learning and then put your learning into practice. We offer a peer group meeting where the hours are counted and certified for CPD.

In reflective practice we ask-

  1. What do I need to learn to improve the treatment or service I provide to my clients?
  2. How can I keep up with current trends, new techniques and good practice?
  3. Where and how could I do things better?
  4. What do I need to know more about, should things go wrong?
  5. What can I learn from observing other practitioners?
  6. If I want to specialise in a particular area of practice, what types of activities would be most useful?

The reflective practice group meets quarterly, providing a support for teachers to share their experiences, identify and fulfil their own training needs.


CPD Reflective practice


CPD Reflective practice



Next CPD Days

CPD Event: 1st September 2019

The Interface Between Healing and Yoga

for therapists and teachers - Ledbury, fee £60

with Jean Danford senior tutor for the College of Healing and Principal of Real Yoga

Exploring the common history that links these two modalities and how one supports the other in our understanding of the human state. We will practice some of the pranic healing techniques and learn to 'sense' subtle energy. Useful in self care and with clients.


We feel this is an essential part of being a therapist. There are always times when we feel stuck, or need help to process  personal issues arising from our client work, as well as gaining input and insight for our cases.   Peer  and mentor supervision is essential to keep ourselves clear and feel supported in our work.

Yoga Therapy support group, Egham
Sat 26th October,  fee £40 with Pat Cronin

Yoga Therapy support group, Ledbury, Saturday October 26th, fee £40 with Jean Danford

 One to one mentoring:  we offer one to one supervision/mentoring sessions by phone or skype, fee £25 per half hour.

Email for details.

CPD Event: 30th Nov- 1st Dec

Yoga Perspectives on Death, Dying and Grief

for therapists - Egham  fee £150 for Real Yoga graduates, £175 others

With Pat Cronin, in training as a 'Death Doula' and Jean Danford

Following our successful workshop of a couple of years ago, and responding to requests to visit this subject again, as issues of loss and grief are common in clients and in life. We look at the subject of Grief, Death and Dying.  We will explore yoga philosophy approaching end of life care, and how we might deal with grief and loss within the family.


Contact Details for the Inner Place, Ledbury
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